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Wellness Coordinators – What Are The EVPs Of Your Worksite Wellness Program? (My EVPs?)

It is critically important for you to always be monitoring, measuring and evaluating your wellness program’s value proposition. And you do want to know that your program is generating as much value as possible, correct?EVPs are your program’s employer and employee value propositions. Historically, the EVP of worksite wellness programs has been limited to employer value propositions.Exactly what is a value proposition? Simply stated, a value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. A value proposition is a clear statement that explains how your program solves employee problems or improves their situation (relevancy), delivers specific benefits (quantified value), explains to employees why they should participate in your program and why your program is uniquely qualified to help them (unique differentiation).The traditional wellness program value metric has been a program’s return-on-investment (ROI), especially related to health care cost savings. Obviously, ROI is a financial, monetary type of measure. While a worksite wellness program coordinator can never overlook financial impacts, increasing attention is being paid to other value positions of both a monetary and non-monetary nature.Employer EVPsAn emerging list of possible employer value propositions includes:• Managing/reducing disability claims• Improving employee job satisfaction• Improving employee health risks• Talent attraction/retention• Improve employee morale• Improve employee engagement• Impact business performance metrics and profitabilityWhile it is important to identify additional value propositions, it is also equally important to identify and develop a set of metrics, measurement and evaluation strategies for each of these value propositions.It is also important to keep in mind that these value propositions are just employer value propositions. Since value is a two-way street, for a wellness program to achieve the level of employee engagement we all desire, there needs to be an equal set of value propositions for employees.In a previous article, I addressed employer value propositions. In this article, I will address employee value propositions. The employee value proposition is everything that matters to employees about the employer’s wellness program. It has been my experience that routine discussions of how we achieve employee value have all but been absent in our conversations to date.When considering employee value propositions, you might find it helpful to answer these four questions:• What are the short and long-term impacts and outcomes your program desires and is seeking for your program participants?• What is your program committed to achieving for your program participants?• How long will it take for your program to achieve the desired impacts and outcomes?• How will your program track and measure progress towards your impacts and outcomes?Since many employees have no or few health risks, the value proposition for employees may not necessarily be health related. They may be more specifically related to other quality of life issues.Employee EVPsAn emerging list of possible employee value propositions includes:• Increased energy• Increased vitality• Increased resiliency• Reduced risk of burnout• Improved quality of life• Staying healthy• Getting healthier through health risk reduction• Learning to live better with a chronic condition• Reduced illness burden• Reduced utilization of the healthcare system• Increased consumer health knowledge• Less time feeling sick• Reduced risk of workplace injuries and musculoskeletal disorders• Increased ability to deflect depression and anxiety• Meeting biopsychosocial needsSince value is a two-way street, it is important to understand how employees define value and the compelling value they see in the worksite wellness program.

Why Prophet Contact Manager?

Competition is very tough in today’s business world, and companies and businesses are always looking for a way to beat their competition and be more successful. One of the tools executives and managers are using to do this is contact manager software, which allows a company or business to track clients, business and networking contacts, and sales opportunities. In addition, some types of contact manager software can track all correspondence, meetings, appointments, etc. with the contacts listed in the contact manager software, while tracking your business activity and revenue. Prophet contact manager software is one type of contact manager software that does all of this. If you are an executive or manager looking for something to give your company or organization an edge on the competition, you should consider Prophet contact manager software. Prophet contact manager software has many features and benefits that will help you and your employees be more efficient and more successful.Prophet contact manager software makes keeping track of your business contacts easy.Anyone purchasing Prophet contact manager software will be amazed by how easy it makes keeping track of your business contacts. Prophet contact manager software works in conjunction with the Microsoft Outlook email program, and this contact manager makes organizing, managing, and monitoring your business contacts easy. This contact manager software allows you to see all the communication that you have had with each of your contacts. This contact manager is great if you are trying to determine what you and a business contact discussed or decided on a particular item, or if it has been awhile since you last touched base with a business contact and wanted to bring up some things from previous conversations. For example, if you are contacting someone in your network but who you rarely have contact with, you might want to use your contact manager software to check back to previous communication with them to see what the name of their kids are so that you can ask them about them and make it personal.Prophet contact manager software has a search function.One of the most frustrating things at work that can take up a significant portion of time is searching for files or other information on your computer. Usually this is information you know is on your computer, you just don’t remember where you put it, but Prophet contact manager can help. Prophet contact manager recognizes that no one wants to spend half of their day at work searching for something, so they incorporated a search function into their software. The search function of the contact manager allows you to access the information you want very quickly, so you can move on to doing more important things.A calendar and a task manager are also features of Prophet contact manager software.Avidian didn’t design Prophet contact manager software to simply replace the rolodex sitting on your desk. Instead, they designed the contact manager software to not only keep track of your business contacts, but to also provide you with a calendar to help you schedule and a task manager to help you ensure you are completing the projects and tasks you need to. Prophet contact manager software also allows you to sort your business contacts based on the appointments, meetings, and other items on your calendar and the items on your task lists. The contact manager allows you to see all the communication, appointments, meetings, tasks, etc. that are associated with a specific business contact.Prophet contact manager software can help you increase salesIn addition to managing your business contacts; Prophet contact manager software can also help you manage your current clients as well as any potential future ones. Prophet contact manager software can help you track and manage your different sales opportunities with just a few clicks of the mouse. By having all this information available to you, using your contact manager software, you can increase your sales and increase your profit, making you more successful. Prophet contact manager software can also help you improve your sales and your relationships with your clients to make them more satisfied. Prophet contact manager software keeps track of all your contact, correspondence, and interaction with each client, so you can review over time to see where you are doing well with your clients and where you are failing to meet their needs and expectations. Then you can use the contact manager to take the necessary steps to fix wherever you are falling short.In addition, Prophet contact manager software allows you to view the revenue you make from your clients. With Prophet contact manager you can view each individual client or have an overview of your entire company. Finally, Prophet contact manager software allows you to customize how you view your sales information. Prophet contact manager software allows executives and managers to customize and filter the information in the contact manager so they see only what they want to see. Competitors’ contact manager software offers the option use the contact manager to break down sales into smaller groups, but don’t allow for the customization offered by Prophet contact manager software..Prophet contact manager software is easier to use than competitors’ contact manager software.One of the most important things executives and managers look for in contact manager software they are considering purchasing is how easy it is to use and how compatible it is with the software the company already uses. Avidian recognizes that businesses and companies need contact manager software that adds to their productivity, not contact manager software that takes away from it if employees have to spend many hours learning how to use the software or it is constantly having problems. Prophet contact manager software has been designed to be easy to learn to use with tutorials and help applications should you need it. In fact, several executives and managers have switched to Prophet contact manager software from its competitors’ contact manager software because it is much easier to use. Prophet contact manager software is also compatible with several different other types of software. Information from Prophet contact manager software can be saved and opened in Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML formats.

Three Tips for How To Start a Small House Cleaning Business

Type the words “house cleaning [your city here]” into Google and you’re liable to bring up a map covered in dots representing other businesses in your area.For someone about to start a cleaning business, that’s a scary picture. Seems every person in your area with a knack for keeping a place clean has decided to take their show on the road. But have no fear – when we dug deeper into the question of what makes a successful Maid Service business, we found ways in which you can find yourself business cleaning before the other maid does. We scrutinized advertisements, client comments, and various niches that maid services have taken to get cleaning contracts, and have come up with three tips that can help you get started.1. Choose a strategy for marketing and get your name out there.Sounds obvious, we know, but there are ways that work and ways that don’t. What we advocate for the beginning house cleaner is a direct marketing tactic that takes little money but a significant amount of time. Cleaning flyers. Advertise your house cleaning business to homes and apartments near where you live in the form of a carefully made piece of paper you drop on doorsteps. Entering business for yourself requires the same time commitment you’d give to a normal employer. In the beginning, spend several full days each week devoted solely to spreading the word. The flyer should really emphasize who you are (see tip number two), what you are best at, and the fact that you’re local and independent. Target a market, and tailor the advertisement to get clean up work from a specific group of people. Think creatively, here. If you’re living in a progressive part of the country, perhaps you’ll want to advertise that you are more truly “green” than the other cleaning businesses because you can walk to the worksite. If you’re in an economically depressed neighborhood in the suburbs, drop flyers by real estate agencies offering foreclosure cleanup. Taking time to set up a cleaning business marketing strategy that targets the people in your area is an excellent way to start your new business. As you expand, you’ll want to create an internet advertisement. This involves far more competition than very local door-to-door flyering, but has benefits. It is critical that you take time to make your Craigslist ad look better than that of the competition. It is an enormous boost to get registered on Yelp and to get your customers to provide feedback there. A side note: study all the feedback other maids are receiving. There’s a lot to learn by doing this about what does and doesn’t work.2. Put a face on your operation.Out of all the most highly rated cleaning businesses we found on the internet, at least one third had a business name that included the first name of the person doing the cleaning. What this shows us is that the small house cleaning business thrives on personality. If you can’t deal with obnoxious dogs, screaming children, or troublesome clients while wearing a smile and jovial attitude, you’ll miss out on word-of-mouth contracts and repeat customers. As you expand your cleaning business, these gigs will be your bread and butter. Your cleaning flyers must have your picture on them. It doesn’t have to be a shot of you cleaning. Everyone’s seen a hundred pictures like that. Let the picture be of your trustworthy face. In order to set up regular work with a client, they’ll have to love you as a person, not just the work you do. Apply the tenants of good customer service you learn in any service industry to the small cleaning business industry.3. Niche Cleaning Businesses Thrive on Promotions.There’s an advantage to starting a specific type of cleaning service, whether it’s foreclosure cleanup, business cleaning, a restaurant cleaning business, or a window cleaning service – you’re enabled an opportunity to offer promotions that aren’t economical or wise from the perspective of someone running a simple home cleaning business. In the case of a niche cleaning business, you know what you’re getting yourself into, what equipment you need, and how long it takes you to perform specific cleaning tasks regular to that niche. For instance, the window cleaner knows what window cleaning equipment will work for nearly all types of window and how long it takes them to clean a window of a certain size. As a result, bidding a sight-unseen contract becomes easier and the opportunity for strategic discounting emerges. Offer a free skylight cleaning for businesses that need you to do more than a certain amount of work, for example, or offer to clean the windows of a pet shop (in case you’re running an aquarium maintenance business) if they hire you less than two weeks from the time you advertise. Strategic promotions get interested customers to make a decision. A small deal that is easy for you to do and sounds big can push them into going with you as opposed to a different service. Keep your offers up-to-date, fresh, and seasonal.It might be impossible to succeed in starting a cleaning business if you don’t really love what you’re doing. You’ve got to be a joy to be around when you’re in someone’s home. If you market carefully and effectively, keeping in mind the entire time that the next step is the garnering of good feedback and references, you’ll be well on your way to starting a small house cleaning business that is a success.